Electrical Engineering Essential Training

In this Electrical Engineering Essential Training module, I will walk you through 9 labs that would get you familiarize with the tools we use in electrical engineering and design techniques in building and testing circuits. You do need to know some basic concepts about circuits such as Ohm's Law and KCL; if you want to learn about the basics or want to review what you learned, please check out the contents in ECE 2024 Circuits and Devices page where I introduced basic concepts in electrical engineering. I will first introduce some basics in working on circuit labs and the tools and software we use in the first 3 labs.

There is no better way to get some hands-on electrical engineering experience than using operational amplifiers to build some practical and useful circuits. From lab 4 to lab 8, we are going to use operational amplifiers to build some cool circuits. In lab 9, I will introduce another popular device 555 Timer, and we will conclude this essential training by using 555 Timer to build oscillators.

I hope you will enjoy this Electrical Engineering Essential Training, feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Lab 1 Basics.pptx

Lab 1 Basics

Lab 1 will introduce the basics on building the circuit and how to do measurements with a digital multimeter

Lab 2 LTspice.pptx

Lab 2 LTspice

Lab 2 introduces a LTspice tutorial, a very powerful circuit simulation software

Lab 3 Analog Discovery 2.pptx

Lab 3 Analog Discovery 2

Lab 3 gives a tutorial on how to use a multi-functional equipment Analog Discovery 2

Lab 4 Operational Amlifier.pptx

Lab 4 Operational Amplifier

Lab 4 introduces one of the most ubiquitous components in circuits and electronics operational amplifier

Lab 5 Automatic Lighting System.pptx

Lab 5 Autonomous Lighting System

Lab 5 uses operational amplifier, photosensor and LED to build an automatic lighting system

Lab 6 Schmitt Trigger and Relaxation Oscillator.pptx

Lab 6 Schmitt Trigger and Relaxation Oscillator

Lab 6 introduces the concept of feedback design in circuits, and use that to build a Schmitt trigger and relaxation oscillator

Lab 7 Amplifiers.pptx

Lab 7 Amplifiers

Lab 7 introduces many popular amplifier configurations using operational Amplifiers

Lab 8 Filters.pptx

Lab 8 Filters

Lab 8 introduces filter designs

Lab 9 555 Timer and Oscillators.pptx

Lab 9 555 Timer and Oscillators

Lab 9 introduces a popular device called 555 Timer and how to use it to build oscillators


Operation Amplifier Review


Wiring Guidelines