On My Entrepreneurship

Welcome to On My Entrepreneurship!

I think I am somebody who likes to try out many different things and see what they can lead me to; sometimes I fail miserably but I have learned valuable lessons and gained experience. I tried once to buy inexpensive scarves oversea and sell them on Amazon, but it did not turn out well, and I had hundreds of scarves sitting in my garage covered in dust. I learned the lowest price is not always the best strategy but creating value to customers is. I tried to invest in the oversold stocks of troubled companies and wishing the stock prices can rebound, and I also tried to trade in highly volatile options, but they did not turn out well, and I lost thousands of dollars. But I learned a lesson of patience and value investing. 

I want to find areas I am good at and passionate about, and willing to invest time and assets over a long period of time. I also want to create values (the most important aspect), and meanwhile generate returns with proper risk management. I started my businesses in Blacksburg: bringing Junzi Kitchen and Moge Tea to my town. And everything was new and exciting to me: all the meticulous planning, all the deals I negotiated, all the funds I raised, and all the wonderful people I worked with to make Junzi and Moge Tea happen. Looking back I am so happy with the progress I have made, and I look forward towards the future.

My Restaurants Portfolio 

Junzi Kitchen

Junzi Kitchen Blacksburg is a fast causal Chinese restaurant that is bringing simple flavors and rich culinary heritage to make Chinese food better 

Moge Tea

Moge Tee Blacksburg is bringing the bubble tea phenomenon to Blacksburg with its handcrafted tea using the freshest ingredients