ECE 2804 Integrated Design Project

The idea of project-based learning is for students to acquire deeper knowledge in a subject by actively engaging, investigating, exploring and working on a open-ended project, and this class is totally about that.

The introductory lab helps student get up to speed about what knowledge and skills they need to successful complete the projects. Each semester, there are multiple projects for students to choose from. Each project has a hardware design component and a software design component. We want to emphasize that hardware design and software design are equally important in electrical and computer engineering major.

Course Syllabus and ECE Majors Presentations


Introductory Lab

Introductary Lab.docx


Audio Direction Finding Project.docx

Audio Direction Finding Project

Wireless Sensor Node Project Description.docx

Wireless Sensor Node Project

SpO2 Monitor Project Description.docx

SpO2 Measurement System Project

Autonomous Tractor Project Description.docx

Autonomous Tractor Project


Radioteletype Project

EEG Monitor Project Description.docx

EEG Monitoring Project