ECE 3354 Power Lab

Ever since Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, electric power has become more and more dominant power source in our energy consumption. We use it to charge our phones, and even power our cars now. In this course, we will study the electric power generation, transmission, conversion, electric motors, etc. The power lab introduces students with the hands-on lab experience in power system and power electronics. There are 8 labs in this course.

Course Syllabus and Schedule

ECE 3354 Syllabus.docx

Lab 1 Three-Phase Circuits

Lab 1 Wye-delta Three Phase Circuits.pdf

Lab 2 Transformer Model

Transformer Model Lab.pdf
Transformer Model Review.pdf

Lab 3 Transformer Waveforms

Transformer Waveforms Lab.pdf
Transformer Waveforms Review.pdf

Lab 4 Transmission Line

Transmission Line Lab.pdf
Transmission Line Review.pdf

Lab 5 Buck Boost Converter

BuckBoost Converter.pdf

Lab 6 Synchronous Machine

Synchronous Machine Lab.pdf
Synchronous Machine Review.pdf

Lab 7 Induction Machine

Induction Machines Lab.pdf
Induction Machine Review.pdf

Lab 8 Flyback Converter


Lab 9 DC-AC Inverter

Inverter Lab.pdf