About Me

About William Yu

I grew up in a small city Quzhou, China. I was surrounded by wonderful people and beautiful mountains, rivers, and lakes growing up. None of these could be taken for granted; it is a special place for me and I want to share my hometown with you. I moved to the U.S. in 2011, a brand new world to me and half a world away from my hometown. Just like every immigrant throughout the centuries arriving to this place, I want to make a world myself. I first arrived in Bangor area Maine for high school where I learned my English and much more. In 2013, I moved to Blacksburg Virginia where I pursued degrees in electrical engineering and economics at Virginia Tech. Just before I graduated with my master's degree in electrical engineering, I was offered a job to teach sophomore level electrical engineering classes at Virginia Tech. Ever since 2013, I have not left Blacksburg, and I call Blacksburg my home.

Besides teaching classes that I love, I also engage in some business ventures that have been very rewarding. Aside from my jobs, there are many hobbies that keep me busy. I enjoy playing basketball, swimming, hiking, and skiing with friends; I practice Taekwondo twice a week because I absolutely love it; I also collect Lego sets; and I'm also a big foodie and enjoy cooking. So that's about me: I work hard to pursue my dreams, and live in the moment.