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I have been teaching at Virginia Tech since 2019, and I teach sophomore-level electrical engineering classes. In this page, you will find some awesome contents (some are from my colleagues) to get you started in electrical engineering. I have put 9 circuit design labs in the Electrical Engineering Essential Training module where you can have some hands-on lab experience in building practical circuits. I have also uploaded my teaching materials for the three classes I have been teaching. Circuit and Devices class introduces some basic DC and AC circuit analysis (both in time domain and frequency domain)  topics, and also some basic electrical devices such as operational amplifier, diode, and transistors. Integrated Design Project is a project based learning class where all projects require significant software and hardware design. The Power Lab is a lab course that covers topics in power system and power electronics. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or comments.  

Electrical Engineering Essential Training

ECE 2024

Circuits and Devices

ECE 2804 

Integrated Design Project

ECE 3354

Power Lab